Prayer for Acts 20:21

“I testified to both Jews and Greeks about repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus.”

Praying through Acts 20:21

Heavenly Father, thank You for my great salvation. Thank You that when I was deep in sin, I was convicted of my sinfulness and turned to Christ for forgiveness of sin and life everlasting. Thank You that the gospel of grace is not complicated - but simple to understand. Keep the eyes of my heart on Jesus, I pray, lest I turn away from Him and dishonour Your holy name. I pray that when I allow myself to be enticed away from my focus on Christ that I would quickly repent - acknowledge my sin and return to You for forgiveness... knowing that if I confess my fault to You - You are faithful to forgive and return me into fellowship. Thank You for showing me that repentance towards God is synonymous with faith in Christ. May I live and work for Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus' name, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Acts 20:21