Success at the Cross Roads of Life

Father I have come to a cross-roads in my life and I am not sure which way to go… I know that if I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness then I will be walking in Your best way for my life.

Help me Lord to be wise in the decisions I make at this junction, where various doors have seemed to close behind me. Lead me Lord in the direction that You would have me go.

Lord I want my life to count and I want to be successful and to have made a difference. Take my life Lord and at this cross-roads and rearrange my direction as best seems for to You. As I push on different doors and I ask that You would close the doors that You would not have me go through and allow the door to remain open to the place that You would have me go.

As I seek Your face, I pray that Your Spirit would prompt the desires of my heart to become the desires that You have for me, I ask this in the holy name of my Saviour, Jesus.