Showers of Blessings

Dear Lord, You have poured water on a dry and thirsty land – You have poured out rivers of living water into my heart and streams in the desert of my soul and I praise and bless Your holy name.

Loving Lord my Country has forgotten You and has turned her back on You Who are the only source of blessings – and we have sown the bitter winds of wrath and are beginning to reap the whirlwind – for we have turned aside from the truth of the gospel and have tried to drink the brackish waters in the broken cisterns of our lives.

Look down in pity on my country and may Your eyes search to and fro and seek out those that know and love the truth – and Father in Your grace and pity, pour out blessings on our land and those that love You - for the sake of Your only beloved Son, who died to rescue us all.

Bless my land and bless my people and bless me I pray in Jesus name,