Prayer For Mom in Hospital

Dear Lord, my lovely mom has become quite poorly and is now in hospital. She is undergoing certain tests but the doctors don’t really seem to know what is the problem with her – Lord You know exactly what is the wrong with my mom, and I know that You are a God that still heals today, and so I ask that You visit my mom and restore her to full health.. and ask that she would be able to come home speedily.
Lord I pray that You would give the doctors and nurses the knowledge, skill and wisdom to give her the treatment that she needs, so as to restore her to health and strength, and I ask that You would be gracious to minimise any pain that she may have.
Lord I know that our times and our health are in Your hands, but I also know that You are a God Who can do miracles today, and I do ask on behalf of my dear mom that You would raise her up and restore her heath to her, and we will give You all the praise and all the glory, in Jesus name we pray.