Prayer For a First Day At School

Loving Lord I give my child into Your hands today – and every day, as they set off on this new journey of discover - as they start a new school today. Father may all may go smoothly for them and indeed for all who will be in the class today. I pray that You will undertake for the little things that can so often go wrong or cause little ones problems or worries.

Father I have sought to bring up my child in the way they should go and diligently taught them the truth of Scripture and that Jesus is their Saviour Who died for their sins and rose again so that by believing on Him they will receive everlasting life…and to turn to You for all their needs and necessities, but Lord at times I feel that the current school system has strayed so far away from the truth of the gospel and I am concerned that they are not led away from all that they have learned throughout their early years of their life.

So Lord I pray that you would protect my child’s heart and mind as they attend this new school – that You would bring Christian teachers and other children into their lives who have the same Christian values that we hold so dear. Protect my child’s mind and may their trust in Jesus be strengthened and grow as they start to attend school.

Lord You have promised, that if we train up a child in the way that they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it… I claim this promise today and every day ..and ask that You would help me to reinforce the truth of the gospel in the days that lie ahead and that my little one will grow strong in the faith and that their school education will help to reinforce rather than weaken their trust in the Lord Jesus, in Whose name I pray,