Prayer for Romans 7:7

“What should we say then? Is the law sin? Absolutely not! On the contrary, I would not have known sin if it were not for the law. For example, I would not have known what it is to covet if the law had not said, Do not covet.”

Praying through Romans 7:7

Heavenly Father, thank You for the carefully structured book of Romans that so systematically sets out the sinfulness of man and Your gracious gift of salvation - which is ours through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank You for the showing me that the Law brings with it a knowledge of sin which points us all to Christ - the one and only Sacrifice for sin. Keep my heart pure before You, I pray, and identify all the evils in my life that dishonour Your name. Thank You for Paul's clear teaching that the Law is the tool to draw us to Yourself. Examine my heart and see if there is any sinful covetousness within, and wash me clean, I pray. This I ask in Jesus' name, AMEN.

Source: Verse of the day for Romans 7:7